Necessary to Eat During Monsoon for Healthy life:

Monsoon is a favorable and much needed season after such a long and rigorous summer that lasts for about four months. However, the same monsoon rain brings in the cooler weather by being a blessing and at the same time include health risks. This is due to the change in weather conditions with regard to temperature and humidity that the spread of some diseases is encouraged significantly during this season. Hence, infections, digestive problems, and allergies are observed to be prevalent in them. However, it is never impossible to enjoy the better part of this season that is often characterized by a lot of delicious foods by observing various precautions and eating properly.

So if you want to enjoy the rains while staying fit and healthy, include these foods in your diet:So if you want to enjoy the rains while staying fit and healthy, include these foods in your diet:

1. Soup

If you feel hungry then instead of going for the unhealthy crispy roadside chaats, go for a soup which is hot and steamy. Soups are also known to be packed with nutrients and especially light, hence will not cause any mess in your tummy. Chicken soup or vegetable corn soup taken in a bowl with hints of black pepper, garlic and ginger means you are adequately hydrated through the day.


2. Jamun, Plum

A list of fruits that should be included in your diet regularly are Jamun and Plum. It is sweet with a mild sour taste – juice prepared from the fruit has anti-liver disease bio-active phyto chemicals. The other hand, sweet and sour fruits such as plums are packed with antioxidants vitamins as well as minerals.


3. Sprouts

Sprouts are very vital in our diet at any season but more so in the rainy season also known as the monsoon season. Sprouts also contain high amounts of protein, which makes it a great meal for breakfast or a snack Stylistically they act as a beautifying agent as they enhance the skin, and they also help immunity since they are able to fight germs.

4. Herbal tea with Honey

It is rightly said that tulsi tea and ginger tea are your best allies during this monsoon season. Consumption of herbal tea will also protect your body from cold/flu and at the same time improve your immune system. Pour a few drops of honey instead of sugar as honey has anti-bacterial property.


5. Turmeric Milk 

The kitchen staple, which is also regarded as the wonder herb, turmeric, owing to its benefits, should be consumed in any form possible during spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The property of Turmeric is that it is anti-inflammatory and your immunity boosts up and the infections are prevented. To fight monsoon infections, make it a habit to have a glass of warm turmeric milk before sleeping.


6. Probiotics

During monsoon you should reduce the intake of fatty food and you should should increase the intake of probiotics and fermented food. Some foods that you should include in your diet are yogurt, buttermilk and pickled vegetables so that your gut is in top shape. Probiotics are friendly bacteria and they reside in the gastrointestinal tract or more commonly known as the intestines. They assist in warding off disease causing microorganisms and also assist in denying pathogenic bacteria the opportunity to proliferate within our body.

7. Lemon

Lemon is good supplements for vitamin C and it boost up our immune system. Thus can boast monsoons as the time when we are more vulnerable to getting sick. Through infections, digestion and bone health, Vitamin C is known to be essential in the body. Lemon pulp or zest is filled with bio active compounds; incorporating this into your monsoon diet plan is a great idea. There is nothing better than taking lemon juice or simply SQUEEZING some on your food or even your salads.

8. Dry fruits and nuts

It is interesting to know that, consuming dates, almonds, walnuts and cashews are always advisable irrespective of the seasons. These nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals and are good for your monsoon eating plan. These are sources of riboflavin and niacin that assist to boost your immune system. They are major antioxidant complexes, and help maintain an optimal condition of all cells. No to junk this monsoon, instead, fill up on some healthy nuts, dry fruits and seeds as the season deserves.


Premonsoon or summer tips to stay healthy 

Besides healthy eating, a few health tips such as the following can lower your chances of being affected by a host of illnesses:Besides healthy eating, a few health tips such as the following can lower your chances of being affected by a host of illnesses:

1. Ensure that your house and surrounding environment is clean.
2. Before and after eating a meal, it is advisable to use a hand wash to clean your hands.
3. Alway ensure you have a hand sanitiser with you each time you go out.
4. Before preparing the vegetables and fruits for cooking or eating them raw, it is also important to wash them with clean purified water.
5. Last but not the least, pay attention to your stomach, it deserves that. Monsoon can affect your digestive system and we may suffer from acute cases of indigestion, gas, bloating etc some diseases may also attack your liver. Moreover, you should not take fried foods and heavy, fatty foods usual during this season. If you have contracted a stomach infection, there is the need to seek the services of a physician.

This is because the students wish their teachers a healthy and safe monsoon, hence making it a general message well received by all. The following are considerations useful in avoiding becoming a statistic during monsoons: These nutritional energy-giving foods should be taken instead of the usually unhealthy fast foods that are rich in oil.

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