Running has been a significant component of human lives for centuries and today it is part of health and fitness.

Jogging is among the most widespread and painless types of physical activity. The aim of this article is to identify an appropriate weekly running mileage in order to allow the achievement of optimal health and fitness while at the same time avoiding possible injuries. The recommendation with regard to the average time spent running per week is 150-300 minutes which is divided into 3-5 sessions.

Here’s why this weekly running range is ideal:Here’s why this weekly running range is ideal:


A study has it that 150-300 minutes, per week, exercising vigorously can help enhance cardiovascular fitness, endurance & overall well-being. Such volume of week running is enough to create the training stimulus necessary to raise VO2 max and cardiovascular fitness.

Weight Loss

This form of exercising requires the person to run at a moderate speed and hence is very useful when it comes to shedding some weight. To achieve these benefits, it is advisable to run between 150 to 300 minutes per week to help in managing the calorie intake in order to facilitate weight loss in an appropriate and sustainable manner for most people.

Injury Prevention

Runners who increase their weekly mileage rate or attempt high mileages are prone to repetitive stress injury such as shin splits, stress fractures, runners knee, plantar fasciitis and others. Therefore, a weekly running duration of up to 300 minutes helps in acclimatizing the body to training stress rather than leading to over training and injuries.

Mental Health

It can be seen that exercise such as running has potential to improve mood, reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as improve mental health. This is achievable without going to an extreme level of exercise, where 150-300 minutes will suffice to yield the psychological advantages.

The 150-300 weekly running minute recommendation is in the range that has been deemed healthy and appropriate in the field of health and fitness. By following this running plan, individuals are able to experience cardiorespiratory enhancement, weight reduction, reduced possibility of getting injured, and better mental well-being. Thus, people can find out the practical and suitable exact time, speed, and frequency of running, which may vary due to individual characteristics.

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