Don't cross overboard with turmeric, as the spice is warming in nature and may cause aspect effects in people with diabetes and those who are underweight or have dry pores and skin.

Too much turmeric can be toxic; Ayurveda expert on the correct way of consuming Haldi

Don’t cross overboard with turmeric, as the spice is warming in nature and may cause aspect effects in people with diabetes and those who are underweight or have dry pores and skin.

A sprinkle of turmeric no longer best adds a vibrant hue to your cuisine; however additionally elevates their nutritional content and advantages. The historic Indian spice, no wonder has been relied on by using Ayurveda for the reason that lots of years and is part of many medicinal formulations. Most of its advantages can be attributed to curcumin, which can do wonders for your fitness, from enhancing insulin sensitivity, preventing infection and infections, most cancers UTI, easing digestive problems and skin issues, to relieving aches and pains. It isn’t any wonder that turmeric latte and turmeric pictures are frequently mentioned inside the list of trending superfoods and are touted to rework health magically. However, moderation is the key whilst ingesting turmeric, like all things, because the extra of it could have disastrous implications.

Ayurveda health practitioner Dr Zeel Gandhi, in an interview with HT Digital, cautions approximately ingesting turmeric extract in big portions as it can become doubtlessly poisonous.

“The turmeric extract, which incorporates purified curcumin and different alkaloids, must be thinking about caution. Extracted bio-chemical substances can be doubtlessly poisonous if taken in high doses. Raw turmeric, when fed on with its complete spectrum of phytochemicals, is hardly ever poisonous, whilst taken now not beyond 5 – 10 gm each day. Many Nutraceutical agencies lure the purchaser by way of adding huge numbers of curcumin to the label. However, a better wide variety does no longer constantly equate to better efficacy,” says the Ayurveda health practitioner.

Dr Zeel says that beyond a positive restriction, the frame definitely rejects turmeric, and it can end up doubtlessly poisonous. She says it’s usually smart to use raw natural turmeric, in preference to extracts except taken underneath proper guidance.

What makes turmeric so popular

“Turmeric or Haldi has lengthy been acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory properties that could purify blood and boost immunity. Consuming turmeric regularly can prevent weight problems as curcumin, a powerful compound in it, can control infection, which is often a cause of weight benefit. Turmeric, a staple in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, changed into used for its anti-inflammatory homes. Curcumin, the energetic compound in turmeric, can be a useful resource in weight loss with the aid of lowering infection and enhancing insulin sensitivity. It additionally helps fats breakdown,” says Dietitian Vidhi Chawla.

It is essential to eat turmeric now not only within the proper quantity but also proper quantity. Also, the golden spice is not appropriate for each person, and those with pitta problems or even diabetes must be cautious in consuming it.

“Turmeric is a hot-warming spice. Caution must be exercised in Pitta problems like bleeding diseases and menorrhagia. The doses of extracts or curcumin have to be reduced within the hotter months of the year, and people living in areas that experience harsh summers must continually use it carefully in the summer season. Pitta Prakriti individuals who have evidently warm disposition need to use it in excess now not,” says Dr Zeel.

Nutritionist Avantii Deshpaande, in an Instagram, shared that one needs to pick turmeric with a deep yellow shade to get high curcumin. Such turmeric has 7% curcumin instead of 3%, which is better for fitness.

Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric can be a powerful remedy for losing pounds, but those who are already underweight, continually constipated or have dry skin have to avoid eating it or combine it with healthful fats.

“It is Lekhaniya, which roughly translates to scarping-of-Kapha inside the frame. This makes it an extremely good addition to your weight loss tries. But for people who are underweight, who suffer from extreme body dryness, constipation, dry and rough skin, and hair should use it sparingly and if always cautioned with a healthful dose of fats (ghee), or full-fat A2 cow milk,” says Dr Zeel.

Why turmeric should be combined with ghee and milk

“Turmeric’s hot belongings are countered with ghee or milk (they’re cooling). It is consequently extensive to peer turmeric administered in conventional ayurvedic formulations like Haridra khanda pack with milk and ghee. Turmeric and milk make a natural pair. Adding ghee and black pepper to this heat beverage potentiates its absorption and bio-availability,” says the expert.

Caution with diabetes

Dr Zeel says that even though turmeric is prescribed in diabetes or prameha, for those who take blood sugar-decreasing medication, the dose needs to be adjusted if you have supplemented with curcumin lest the blood sugar levels may additionally dip drastically.

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