Apple Watch Series 10 to come with bigger screen and better chip

Apple expected to release Apple Watch Series 10 with bigger screen + better processor; next Apple Watch SE will be made of plastic to compete with Samsung Galaxy Watch FE. Advanced health features may be held back because of harrowing development issues.


The Apple Watch Series 10 has been anticipated to come with larger display than even the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple’s largest smartwatch at the moment with 49mm size and 1. 92-inch display. (Apple)

Apple a technology company based in California, has expressed its plans of releasing Apple Watch Series 10 that comes with a much larger screen than Series 9. That screen, referenced by Gurman, is expected to be incorporated in the Series 10 that is expected this year; the internal code names of this device are N217 and N218, one of which is to hold the larger screen according to the same source.

Protruding in the contours of Apple Watch Series 10, the screen sizes stand to increase even beyond the current largest smartwatch from Apple known as the Apple Watch Ultra 2 with its 49 mm size and 1. 92-inch display. In the afore-mentioned leaks concerning the latest CAD rendition, it has been indicated that the Series 10 could come with a 2-inch display screen, representing a significant graphical jump.

Globally, Series 10 will probably be fueled by the same chip as the third-gen Apple Watch Ultra. As for the point-and-click novelties, Gurman admitted that there will be no AI-driven features upon the new chip’s release but expect AI innovation in the Apple smartwatch line in the future.

However, the Series 10 will not likely offer sleep apnea detection and blood pressure monitoring at launch; this, although health monitoring technologies are advancing. Apple’s development had major challenges, especially regarding the SpO2 monitoring feature, which is still innactive due to authorities in the United States. Likewise, the cholesterol test also failed to demonstrate the anticipated level of efficiency in detecting hypertension. As a result, Apple may delay these features, which would be better to show only blood pressure trends without a direct numeric value.

Samsung just released its Galaxy Watch FE at $199(approximately Rs. 16,600), and looking to match the upcoming apple watches’ price, apple is also reportedly developing new versions of the apple watch SE. Some of the changes are expected to be the shift from aluminum to plastic as the material for the body of the upcoming SE model which may bring down the prices of the model. Apple in 2022 disclosed a new generation of the Watch SE, although the new variant may be released in the latter half of 2022.

as apple goes further in developing its products in smartwatch segment, further information on these new gadgets are expected to emerge in coming weeks prior to the actual launch.


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